Buns and Zombies

Quote of the Week: "When Christ return, we feed people with celery."- Mr. Buns

Quote of Many Weeks Ago: "For thirty years, I not know whether I am man or woman. But I find out. I am man." -also Mr. Buns

The conversations Mr. Buns and I have... are often nonsensical, even to me. But sometimes they are cool. The other day he told me about three huge, hand carved statues of Buddha that were in Afghanistan; one of the three was even taller than the statue of Liberty. But the statues were all bombed and destroyed by the Taliban, and he was so disappointed that they would destroy something that was created with great labor for a great purpose merely out of anger. I thought that was a tragic, but precious story. Then moments later while I was doing the dishes, he came around the corner, said the quote of the week, then walked away. Straight from sensical to non-sensical in less than a few minutes.

So long time no blog, right? Well here's a recap of the weeks we've missed. Papers and projects. Thousands of bagels. Sleep and no sleep. Mooovies!

Also during the time we have not spoken to one another, an interesting happening happened. I was watching "I Am Legend" on HBO... yeah yeah cable!... digital conversion try and get me now! I'd never seen "I Am Legend" before, but several people told me what it was about; however, I was still frightened. Towards the end of the movie, Dan came over cuz we were about to go to the gym. As the movie ended, and the zombie cries faded from the tv speakers, but I could still faintly hear the zombies' cries. Dan became silent, then looked at me, and clearly he still heard them too. But from outside! We figured it was a protest though, not a zombie apocalypse. So we left for the gym early in hopes that we'd catch the scene. Sure enough, there was a hoard of people walking down Halsted, signs and megaphones aplenty. It was around the day that Prop 8 was repealed and that's what they were protesting. The protestors were holding signs that said, "I can't vote NO to YOUR marriage" and "DOMA = Epic Fail". Not gonna lie, had to google DOMA (defense of marriage act)... and once I did, I felt silly cuz it's pretty obvious given the situation. The protestors were heading the direction we needed to go, so... Dan and I joined the protest in order to skip two traffic lights. I felt it wasn't shameful for two reasons: 1) The moment I jumped into the protest, I was committed. I boldly chanted with the crowd, "Gay, Straight, Black, White, marriage is a civil right!" And I meant it. 2) Though it was our intention to only remain in the protest briefly, every second of support is helpful to the cause, right? My Ethics professor would be proud... hopefully.

Also. I've listened to Copeland's "You are my Sunshine" roughly 2.3 million times in the weeks we have not spoken.

Next Blog's Topic: My dichotemy.


For U Mom

I told tales of putting pictures on this blog, and today is the day it starts.

In my 3D Foundations class, our first assignment was to create a cardboard chair. Basic guidelines: Chair must be able to withstand our own weight (because we had two weeks, crash dieting seemed like a good idea). And we could only use hot glue and two sheets of 30"x40" cardboard. Though I made a lot of different sketches, I narrowed it down to two: An orby looking chair, or a chair of books and papers and other random things you can pile up and sit on.

I think it's pretty clear that I chose to make the chair of books and such. It now sits atop my refrigerator, not as a means of display... but that does seem fitting because it's where a lot of student art projects end up. But because I actually own a chair, it does not currently serve a functional purpose in my apartment. I want to keep it and possibly use it as a side table in the future. For now, however, it remains atop the refrigerator, kind of on display, but mostly so I don't step on it or accidently destroy it.

Thus far, I have enjoyed 3D foundations more than 2D foundations, if only there was a 4D foundations class. I'm sure that class would be out of this world. Mwaha. Ha. I've definitely been planning that joke since the beginning of this blog.

Now for two interesting stories from this weekend.

On Saturday, Dan and I planned a typical trip to the gym, but while walking to his apartment, I called and requested that we stay outside cuz it was all sunny and nice. Dan's apartment is right next to the lake, so we jogged on the path next to the lake from his place all the way downtown... which I think ended up being about 2 miles. By the time we got there, it was dinnertime and we was quite the hungry. The first place we found that we thought wouldn't kick us out for being in our sweaty, jogging clothes was a hot dog place. I got a turkey burger though... and it was juicy and not too hot and therefore delicious. While there, we found a picture of a dog that looked like our assistant manager in dog form. It was uncanny. We started to jog back, but that didn't last. But as we walked the rest of the way home, we got to have a nice, long chat and chill alongside the lake. Pretty cool evening. And we decided to buy bikes. Cuz bikes in Chicago lead to a good time.

The next interesting story came when I left for work the next morning. Because I leave for work a little before 2 in the morning, I get to see the bar-goers as they're cooling down and heading home. I passed two guys and a girl smoking outside of a club, and one of the guys tapped my shoulder. This is actually not uncommon due to the increased social-ness that alcohol often brings. But this guy said, "Hey... I know you". That's not as common. I turned to him, studied his face as well as his friends' faces, but nothing clicked. So I grumbled a half asleep "uuhhh", shook my head, and continued walking. I could hear him talking to his friends, saying "she thinks I'm crazy", and then he tried it again. "Beltrice?" I don't remember the exact name he guessed... but it did begin with a 'B' and it was not a common name. I turned back to him, shook my head again, and kept walking. He talked to his friends again, then yelled "I've got it! Einstein Brothers! Evanston!" I was shocked! He really DID know me. I turned around and gave him a nod and a thumbs up. Haha. I laughed about it randomly throughout the day. He must be a frequent customer, but not a regular... cuz I'd recognize a regular. He doesn't really know me and I don't really know him, but we're very aware that each other exists. Somewhere, he's out there. I'm sure of it.

Food for Thought: I wonder if anyone has thought to name their child Stan, but spell it Sdan so their child's name backwards would be "nads".


Grievances of the Third Estate (2009 version)

Good Morning All!
And Good Afternoon too!
You ready to read my list of grievances?
... No?
Ok, then skip this baby and wait to read the next blog.

This morning I only had paper 1 out of 4 completed. Then I went to my first class. In my first class, I was reminded that I have another paper due next Tuesday. I took one step forward, and then was pulled right back! However, I finished another paper awhile ago and now I am up to 2 out of 5!

That feeling of working and working but never really accomplishing anything is wretched. I don't feel that way with my art projects or when I do creative writing. I definitely feel that way with papers though... they serve no greater purpose to me besides allowing me to pass my classes.

But I also feel that way about my job, which is unfortunate because it takes up the majority of my time. My job takes a toll on my personal self worth. My personality is largely to blame for that, however. Because if I am given a job, I want to do my best and I want to push myself to create the best result I can give out of respect for my employer. However, I personally do not respect my specific position. Though bagels are delicious and important to many people's breakfasts, they do not hold a position of importance or high regard in my mind. Sorry bagels and bagel lovers. So I work hard... cuz someone is paying me (which I really appreciate) to take care of something they truly care about and I would hope someone would give me the same courtesy if I were paying them to do the same. However, I work 40+ hours and commute 10 hrs per week and accomplish... just money... (Luckily I have made good friends too).

Money is more of a necessity than an accomplishment in my opinion. Friends are delightful. And they have honestly been the reason I have enjoyed my year of bagelness. The interesting stories have kept me coming back for more as well. But. Two of those three things have changed in the past month.

My friends are all leaving. The bagel world has shit on them too many times and they are ready for a detox and a fresh start at a new job. The busy season has started and the bad stories now outweigh the good. And money is not important enough to keep me at Einstein Brothers for much longer.

I had an interview yesterday at Ann Taylor Loft on Michigan Avenue! Though I don't have retail experience, I do have managerial experience, and that's always a plus. Will I get the job? Answer unknown. But the possibility keeps me hopeful. Obviously, it's no career, but I actually love roaming from menial job to menial job. I learn so many fun stories and meet lots of new people from my menial jobs. I also gained a whooole lot from working those menial jobs. Case in point: Marcus (Auntie Anne's) Dan (Einsteins).

Solution to my work grievances: Restricitons. Part-time. No more full time. And no more long commute. I'll only take on managerial responsibilities as long as my other restrictions are not compromised. And that's it! Too simple.

I know that once these restrictions are met, I'll be content with my menial job once again.

Dance of the Day: The rigaudon! Also spelled Rigadoon, it is a sprightly 17th-century French folk dance for couples.

Everybody git yo' rigaud-ON!!!!!