Grievances of the Third Estate (2009 version)

Good Morning All!
And Good Afternoon too!
You ready to read my list of grievances?
... No?
Ok, then skip this baby and wait to read the next blog.

This morning I only had paper 1 out of 4 completed. Then I went to my first class. In my first class, I was reminded that I have another paper due next Tuesday. I took one step forward, and then was pulled right back! However, I finished another paper awhile ago and now I am up to 2 out of 5!

That feeling of working and working but never really accomplishing anything is wretched. I don't feel that way with my art projects or when I do creative writing. I definitely feel that way with papers though... they serve no greater purpose to me besides allowing me to pass my classes.

But I also feel that way about my job, which is unfortunate because it takes up the majority of my time. My job takes a toll on my personal self worth. My personality is largely to blame for that, however. Because if I am given a job, I want to do my best and I want to push myself to create the best result I can give out of respect for my employer. However, I personally do not respect my specific position. Though bagels are delicious and important to many people's breakfasts, they do not hold a position of importance or high regard in my mind. Sorry bagels and bagel lovers. So I work hard... cuz someone is paying me (which I really appreciate) to take care of something they truly care about and I would hope someone would give me the same courtesy if I were paying them to do the same. However, I work 40+ hours and commute 10 hrs per week and accomplish... just money... (Luckily I have made good friends too).

Money is more of a necessity than an accomplishment in my opinion. Friends are delightful. And they have honestly been the reason I have enjoyed my year of bagelness. The interesting stories have kept me coming back for more as well. But. Two of those three things have changed in the past month.

My friends are all leaving. The bagel world has shit on them too many times and they are ready for a detox and a fresh start at a new job. The busy season has started and the bad stories now outweigh the good. And money is not important enough to keep me at Einstein Brothers for much longer.

I had an interview yesterday at Ann Taylor Loft on Michigan Avenue! Though I don't have retail experience, I do have managerial experience, and that's always a plus. Will I get the job? Answer unknown. But the possibility keeps me hopeful. Obviously, it's no career, but I actually love roaming from menial job to menial job. I learn so many fun stories and meet lots of new people from my menial jobs. I also gained a whooole lot from working those menial jobs. Case in point: Marcus (Auntie Anne's) Dan (Einsteins).

Solution to my work grievances: Restricitons. Part-time. No more full time. And no more long commute. I'll only take on managerial responsibilities as long as my other restrictions are not compromised. And that's it! Too simple.

I know that once these restrictions are met, I'll be content with my menial job once again.

Dance of the Day: The rigaudon! Also spelled Rigadoon, it is a sprightly 17th-century French folk dance for couples.

Everybody git yo' rigaud-ON!!!!!

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  1. When I started playing the Cello one of the first songs I learned was called Rigadoon! Ohh the memories! There was no accompanying dance though. That would've been delightful.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if whenever we had an accompanist (woman playing piano) during districts she would dance to the music rather than playing a piano? I think it would be much more musically affective. Did you ever have Kathy Ford? I can just imagine her dancing now...