Buns and Zombies

Quote of the Week: "When Christ return, we feed people with celery."- Mr. Buns

Quote of Many Weeks Ago: "For thirty years, I not know whether I am man or woman. But I find out. I am man." -also Mr. Buns

The conversations Mr. Buns and I have... are often nonsensical, even to me. But sometimes they are cool. The other day he told me about three huge, hand carved statues of Buddha that were in Afghanistan; one of the three was even taller than the statue of Liberty. But the statues were all bombed and destroyed by the Taliban, and he was so disappointed that they would destroy something that was created with great labor for a great purpose merely out of anger. I thought that was a tragic, but precious story. Then moments later while I was doing the dishes, he came around the corner, said the quote of the week, then walked away. Straight from sensical to non-sensical in less than a few minutes.

So long time no blog, right? Well here's a recap of the weeks we've missed. Papers and projects. Thousands of bagels. Sleep and no sleep. Mooovies!

Also during the time we have not spoken to one another, an interesting happening happened. I was watching "I Am Legend" on HBO... yeah yeah cable!... digital conversion try and get me now! I'd never seen "I Am Legend" before, but several people told me what it was about; however, I was still frightened. Towards the end of the movie, Dan came over cuz we were about to go to the gym. As the movie ended, and the zombie cries faded from the tv speakers, but I could still faintly hear the zombies' cries. Dan became silent, then looked at me, and clearly he still heard them too. But from outside! We figured it was a protest though, not a zombie apocalypse. So we left for the gym early in hopes that we'd catch the scene. Sure enough, there was a hoard of people walking down Halsted, signs and megaphones aplenty. It was around the day that Prop 8 was repealed and that's what they were protesting. The protestors were holding signs that said, "I can't vote NO to YOUR marriage" and "DOMA = Epic Fail". Not gonna lie, had to google DOMA (defense of marriage act)... and once I did, I felt silly cuz it's pretty obvious given the situation. The protestors were heading the direction we needed to go, so... Dan and I joined the protest in order to skip two traffic lights. I felt it wasn't shameful for two reasons: 1) The moment I jumped into the protest, I was committed. I boldly chanted with the crowd, "Gay, Straight, Black, White, marriage is a civil right!" And I meant it. 2) Though it was our intention to only remain in the protest briefly, every second of support is helpful to the cause, right? My Ethics professor would be proud... hopefully.

Also. I've listened to Copeland's "You are my Sunshine" roughly 2.3 million times in the weeks we have not spoken.

Next Blog's Topic: My dichotemy.


  1. Someone needs an equals sign tattoo!!!

  2. Can you believe it has been 3 years since we saw Copeland in Springfield? I think that's some crazy business! I much like their new album than their previous "Eat, Sleep, Repeat".

    Hope you have been well! I don't know who this Mr. Buns figure is, but he seems to be a riot!

  3. I Am Legend...most depressing movie ever. Have you finished it? The dog...gahhhh the dog...

  4. ...the word it just gave me to type to verify i am not a robot (or zombie, maybe)...scluater. bless you.