Experimental Video Project

This project was pretty open-ended. We got to choose to make any kind of video we wanted, but the emphasis was on where and how we presented it. I showed this video on a monitor that was placed inside of a trashcan. I surrounded the monitor with the trash that I used in the video.

So this if for you mom! Haha. Because Yahoo will not allow me to attach a file larger than 25 MB. Blast you Yahoo!

P.S. Do not laugh at my voice. I have done that enough for all of us.


  1. Actually, your voice seemed sexy and I hadn't quite heard it like that before. More than that though I am IMPRESSED by the mind behind this people trash point you are making...I think it could be a continual series - you just have to find the people who are willing for you to trash them. OH I LOVE YOU.

  2. I think this is unprofessional, unprofessional, unprofessional.... lol.