The Driftless Shifter

Hello Blogees and Blogettes,

I promised myself I would not say the word blog or pun-like versions of the word blog in my blog, but I have broken that promise. 5 times in this post alone.

So my last post promised that this post would talk about: My dichotemy. But four months later, this post says to the last post... Whadthufukizmydichotemy??? Therefore, a change in topic will be made... once I think of something to write about.

First thing that comes to mind...

If you are reading this blog because you went to Google and typed "George Bush" or "eating a kitten", please leave a comment. We could be great friends. If you are reading this blog because you went to Google and typed "George Bush eating a kitten", I beg you to leave a comment. We could be great lovers.

The second thing that comes to mind is that I need to show you something...

So I'm back at school, back to school and school projects. The professor for my photoshop and illustrator class, a Mr. Brian Sikes, has a thing for the Dada artist Hannah Hoch. And he also has a thing for adding parenthetical remarks for a touch of humor, which makes me ooze with smiles. The title of this project was Ch(hannah)ling Hannah. We had to recreate one of HH's works via photoshop. I don't know the name of the piece I recreated... oops. Note the uber Kansas Cityness. This was per request of one of my roommates whom I also call my boyfriend (on holidays and special occasions).

And then there was another project after that one. Which also involved parenthesis in the title :)

To Sleep Perchance to (digitally) Dream. That was the title of the project Mr. Brian (Hamlet) Sikes requested we complete next. We had to create a dream-like scene. I honestly don't dream very much... and remember it. And no one wants to see my Lethal Weapon reoccurring dream, so I made up a dream. It involves illustrations from The Laugh Book, one of my favorite books, coming to life. This is technically not the final version, but that won't be done til the end of November, so. Yeah.

Starting next post! Free cookies to everyone who tells me they love me :D


  1. Dear Lauren,
    If you could seriously send cookies from Chicago to Minneapolis, I would love you til eternity and after. Luckily, I already do, so the cookies would really just be a plus. But. You get the idea.

    I miss you a lot. (fyi) And I really want to see more of your art! And I really want to see more of you. Perhaps I'll just have to come out to Chicago, eh?


    Hope all is well,

  2. I. Love. You. (In a brotherly way.)

    Your art, it's so beautiful (in an artistic sort of way). It maketh me so ever proud. I believe I may commission works from you for my own selfish t-shirt reasons. Or just for something to put on my empty walls.


  3. can I do the LYLAS thing? Love ya like a sister...I wrote that in a lot of notes and yearbooks back in the day. WHERE'S MY COOKIES?

    but seriously. I miss you.