Font talk and Regular talk

Have you ever thought font names sounded like people names? Some of them probably are. Who knows what kind of people they were and why they had the priviledge of having a font named after them. I have my speculations...

Courier was born and raised in Wales. This is a little snippet of his life in 1817; he was 17 years old: I have lived a privileged life, for my father is a wealthy nobleman and we have never been without enough money. My mother,a wretched tyrant of my education, makes sure I have only the best tutors and will not allow me to eat supper til I am through with my studies. Mother did allow me some fun as a child; cricket was my game of choice. None of my peers could deny my skill on the cricket field. I believed I should have been the captain of my team when I was in my fifteenth year, but my coach was a horrible prat and chose another boy a year older than I for the position. I quit the team and devoted my time to my studies. You won't see me near that daffy game again. Unfortunately, mother has become increasingly more controlling of my affairs since I quit. I do hope she allows me to spend time in the country this summer with my cousins. Though it is likely that she will not, and I will spend my summer in the study, practicing penmanship.

A likely story, eh? I should put it on wikipedia.

So, I said this entire post would consist ENTIRELY of font talk, but that just isn't going to happen. These past few weeks have been too full, I need a little blog time to update.

To start, I've been harboring a homeless person in my apartment for two weeks now. Last night was his final night of homelessness; he'll be moving into an apartment this afternoon! Good for him. I suppose it's only right that I mention this homeless person is not a stranger. And that he is also gay, so Marcus did not frown upon him sleeping in my apartment for two weeks.

Some of the low points of the two weeks: In an attempt to pass off the keys from him to me during a period of time when we were both busy, Dan hid my keys in a cup in an alley. The keys and the cup were never found. $75 was spent getting new keys, boo. Then there was the night I had to make a functioning chair out of cardboard; scratching, scraping, and cutting are not easy noises to sleep through I am told. Yes, those were the low points.

High points! One night we both woke up randomly at 2 in the morning and turned on the tv just in time to catch the last half of Sweeney Todd! We also declared that the crazy lady who sings about "mischief! mischief!" is indeed, Dan's reincarnated in a musical character... well, her mixed with a little Macy Grey. More high points have included several trips to the gym in an attempt to become healthy... ish... and dancing to Passion Pit.

All in all, I'm going to miss the homeless man who has been living in my apartment. Though I'm sure I'll see him around.

Word of the day: Sinification
Meaning: To sinicize
Used in a sentence: I would use the word sinification more if I knew what it meant to sinicize.

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  1. I just took a quiz on facebook titled "Which Font are you" just for the purpose of this post. The answer way Myriad Pro. This is the description:

    You are Myriad Pro. You purchase everything apple produces; and couldn't live without your iPhone/iBook/iPod. You even have an apple sticker in the back window of your VW. You supported Barack Obama before everyone else. You probably enjoy mountain biking and the outdoors, as long as there is a Peet's Coffee nearby.

    Minus the mountain biking, I'm pretty sure this quiz got it 100% correct. It's almost embarrassing. I'm going to start always using Myriad Pro now!