And this is how it all came to pass.

Five days ago my Intro to Screenwriting professor, known formally as Professor Novak... though he prefers Gary, gave our class an assignment. We are each required to write 2 pages a day about anything. It is an assignment that is supposed to help us free our right brain for the creative process. Ahhh yes. I feel the liberation beginning already. To give us a taste of what we could expect out of this process, he asked us to whip out a piece of paper and write non-stop for a minute or so. This is what I wrote:

What time is it? 7:27 pm. I'm a little hungry even though I just had a turkey sandwich and cinnamon teddy grahams. I remember one time in fifth grade we were told to write whatever we wanted for 5 mins. in our journal and I wrote that I saw Conrad Hoek picking his nose. I wrote other things too, but that's all I remember. That was my mildly interesting story for this freewrite. Now I've got nothing. That's the thing about freewriting... I learn at the end of them how boring the majority of my thoughts are. If there was a class on learning how to never think a boring thought, I'd take it. My daily life would be a great deal more interesting. Then again. My thoughts may not be boring to others. I've just heard my own thoughts a gajillion times so I'm immune. Maybe that's why crazy people mumble all the time. Maybe they think their lives will be more interesting if they can get feedback on the thoughts in their heads. I don't have any more room on this side of the paper. Should I turn it over or will he say stop soon? Welp. He didn't say "stop" in time. I've turned the page and am now

No clue what I was about to write. He said "stop" and I don't remember what I was thinking. However, I do know what I thought about the "2 pages daily" assignment...

I thought to muhself. "Cool! I've kept a journal before, this assignment will just bring back that habit." But then another thought crossed my mind. "Hey, hmm. Maybe I should do something that'll challenge me more." Then it occurred to me, "I've always been horrible at maintaining a daily internet anything. Xanga. Facebook. Never kept up with them. I can start anew with this assignment! I'll start a blog!"

So. 3 goals for this blog:

1. Keep the posts within the 2-page requirement (Gary says he'll accept 1 page typed, yipee!). This-a way it'll become something easy for me to maintain after the assignment is over. (This goal will be the most challenging cuz I'm a rambler).

2. Cut loose and have a blogging good time.

3. Free my right brain from my left brain so I'll make Gary really proud of me!

That's all for today. Topic starter for tomorrow: "What in heaven's name does "Lage" mean?"

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