What's in a name?

Today's starting topic is focused on the title of my very own very new blog.


What in heaven's name IS Lage you ask?!?! I'll give you the low down. It's very simple. This blog is my webpage. My name is Lauren. Take the first letter of my name, "L", mix it with webpage... and you get Lage!

Ok. Technically, it should be something like Lebpage or Wauren. But the first one doesn't roll off the tongue very well. And the latter sounds like I have a speech impediment or am mocking those who have speech impediments, which would be dishonest or just not very nice. So Lage it is.

Mixing words like that has always been entertaining to me. The words that are created are like candy for my ears. Take the color wheel. What if, instead of creating new names for the secondary colors: orange, green, and purple, they had done the word mixing technique. Orange, aka yellow mixed with red, would be Rellow or Yed! I prefer Yed cuz it sounds like a hillbilly name... however either is way better than orange... boo. And green could be Bellow or Yue(the "l" was removed, you can choose these letter removals at your own whim, it's the beauty of the mixing technique). And Purple, pah, who needs purple when you can have Bed or Rue! And can you just imagine the tertiary colors... Yellow-Bellow! Blue-Rue! Red-Yed! I think it's safe to assume that if the word mixing technique had been used in the case of the color wheel, we'd have a great deal more artists out there.

I'm looking forward to adding unexpected twists and turns to this blog, but the twists and turns are hinging on my camera... which is currently inoperable. So once I have a charger this thing gonna be out of controllll yeaaah!

So far so good. I'm taking baby steps to making this blog represent me as best as a webpage can represent a person. For now there are just words and that's good enough. Months from now I will look back at this blogs, sigh a good sigh, and remember simpler days. But now I look towards a grand, colorful future. This gettin cheezy.

Welp. My phone's a-buzzin, telling me it's time for me to clean up and get ready for a visitor. So goodbye dear friend...(s)(Maybe soon there will be more than just the one)... Peace easy.

Topic starter for tomorrow: Iowa be crazy!