Loving the little things

So how's about Iowa, eh? As you've probably heard, if you're gay and you and your partner want to be considered a legal married couple... Iowa is the place to be!! And Vermont too I guess. My Ethics in Cinema and Video Games Professor said that the process of amending the Iowa constitution to disallow(?) gay marriage will take at least 3 years. So Iowa will be a hot spot for quite some time. And maybe Vermont too.

I figure a good bit of national news is essential to a well-rounded blog. I hope to add more in the coming days.

As for today's blog, I'm afraid it's gonna run a little short. Thursdays are my 8:30 am- 9:15 pm class days and I'm a little worn out. But today was an all-around great day. A great day for me consists of a handful of small, fun things happening unexpectedly. This is why today was great:

1. I did a load of laundry, mailed a letter, and took at the took out the trash all before I left for class at 8.
2. I accidently crossed the street when I had actually been on the right side of the street, so I took the opportunity to go to the gas station I ended up in front of and bought myself a tasty treat to eat during my first class.
3. The people who sit at my table in my Art class and I all get along really well though we've only known each other for 4 days of class time. We laugh and have a jolly good time.
4. I made a hand kite during my art class with extra paper from my project.
5. My Ethics class had a sub today and he was a comedy writer. Ethics made humorous is a delight.
6. I ate THE MOST delicious ham sandwich during a 15 min break in my last class.
7. And when I got home, my man Dan called me and is now over here for the evening. Sleepover wooo!!! Braids, giggles, and girl talk hehe! Or something like that.

Good evening to you my friends!

Topic starter for tomorrow: Childhood rhymes.

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  1. OO! Dan! Did you ask him about being my wing lady? The offer is still open!